The ability to adapt to our surroundings is a skill that must be developed in order to be successful – as much in a job interview as in a fight. Your success will come more easily if you’re able to change your behaviour appropriately according to your surroundings.

Adaptability allows you to learn new skills in ever changing circumstances. Employers look to hire people that can adapt, grow and evolve within the work environment.

Sugar Ray Leonard

“Sugar” won world titles in 5 different weight divisions and is regarded as one of the best boxers of all time. Some boxers are admired for a specific skill – like power, footwork or speed - but “Sugar” seemed to possess all of them and on top of this had the unusual ability to use these different skills at the right time. In other words he adapted to the fighter he faced, whether to bamboozle them or to punish them.

“THE SHOWDOWN” was a boxing match between Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns to become the unified champion of the world. Read the below report of the fight and then watch the fight for yourself on YouTube . What are your thoughts on how “Sugar” adapted through it?
Hearns was the aggressor in the early rounds and used his reach to pepper Leonard and by the 5th round Leonard’s eye was swollen from being dominated. The 6th round Leonard switched roles and became the aggressor. Hearn’s was still ahead on points but Leonard waited for the opportunity and pounced on Hearn’s putting him through the ropes and by the 14th round Hearn’s didn’t have enough energy for Leonard’s onslaught and Leonard won by stoppage despite being behind on the scorecards…



With good balance in the stance position, stay on the balls of the feet while pushing against the back toes to step forward to give the impression you are about to throw a jab - but return sharply to avoid your opponent’s attack.

Outside Slip

From the guard position, rotate slightly at the waist and turn the torso to move head to outside of the punch, elbows must be tight in the body while in the guard position and allow legs to bend.


From the guard position, with knees bent, allow the head to roll back and forth - avoiding punches while keeping the spine in a neutral position to stay well balanced. Advance the movement by stepping in all directions with the same footwork drills while incorporating the roll.
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