Continuous training develops a pattern of behaviour. The discipline to keep practicing these behaviours form strong and lasting habits that help us to grow. In the practical we will practice basic drills of footwork and straight punches. There are many different advancements to these skills but only by drilling them until they become habitual will we keep advancing.

Success requires discipline in the physical, mental and spiritual areas of our lives. The commitment to eat right, exercise frequently and make wise choices are vital. Simply put, be a “disciple of discipline”.

Bernard Hopkins "B-Hop"

Bernard Hopkins is considered one of the most successful boxers of the last 30 years, with a record breaking 20 world title consecutive defences at middleweight. He subsequently became the oldest-ever champion when he successfully defended his light-heavyweight belt at 49 years of age.

How did Bernard Hopkins become a boxer?

Bernard Hopkins called himself a ‘Disciple of Discipline’ - saying it was this attitude that helped him through time spent in prison. B-Hop’s disciplined diet, sleep schedule and continuous training enabled him to stay a champion for a record-breaking time.
“Invest early in life and you’ll gain the interest later in life.” Bernard Hopkins
What do you think B-Hop meant when he said this and how can you apply it to your life?


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