All the inventions we see around us have been developed in someone’s imagination. Sometimes inventions are inspired by a need for change. Sometimes they are the realisation of dreams that others thought impossible.

We have all been given creative gifts but many of us don’t use our imagination to develop them.

Imagine what you can achieve in life and where you would like to see yourself in the future – and then act like the person you have imagined. There is no need to allow the present to block your potential.

Roy Jones Jnr

Roy Jones Jnr is the only boxer to start at light middleweight and go on to win a heavyweight title. He held multiple weight championships in 4 weight classes.

Boxers who faced Roy Jones Jnr would be overwhelmed by his ability to throw combinations at unbelievable speed. His footwork and ability to throw punches while still moving, allowed him to create angles which made him elusive but dangerous. Roy Jones Jnr is frequently described as a fighter of great imagination who threw punches to a rhythm of his own unique creation.

When boxing, it is important to be imaginative. Shadow boxing and hitting the bags help you stay stimulated and are good ways to learn how to move correctly and perform highly.

Use your imagination to think and act like a particular boxer. Imagine fighting an opponent who would struggle with the style you’ve adopted.


Lead Hook

In the guard position, make an explosive hip rotation from driving the front foot and sitting into the rear heel at time of impact. When rotating the hip, allow the lead arm to raise until the elbow is level with a relaxed shoulder, reaching tension at the time of impact with the palm facing down - then return to the guard position.

Rear Uppercut

In the guard position, sit in the rear with knees bent, turning the wrist of rear hand so palm faces inwards, lift the rear heel using hips to drive upwards, throwing a short punch by raising the forearm with a relaxed shoulder, causing the snap upon impact – then return back to the guard position.
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