Having a purpose drives us to achieve something - but first we need to set out a plan to get there. Goal setting is the process through which we channel our motivation - in order to turn a vision into reality. When we set our goals, it is helpful to write these down and to be positive about the journey. Here is the mnemonic (a shorthand that helps us remember several important ideas) which helps us with the goal setting: it is called ‘SMART.’

S –Specific ...State your plan
M - Measurable ...How can you track the progress?
A - Achievable ...Is the goal reasonable and how?
R - Realistic ...Is the goal worthwhile?
T - Time ...When can it be done?

Muhammad Ali - The Greatest

Muhammad Ali was not only one of the greatest boxers of all time, but also regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated human beings of all time. Do a study on what Muhammed Ali achieved both inside and out of the ring…How was he so successful? What drove him to be so successful? What obstacles did he overcome to achieve this?
“Life begins when a person realises their purpose in life…mine was to be heavyweight champion of the world…and represent my people with dignity” Muhammed Ali
What can we learn from Muhammed Ali’s words here and how can we achieve this value?



Maintain good balance with feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and feet at 45 degrees with rear heel slightly raised off the floor.


Tight fists held up with thumbs in line with cheek bone. Elbows tucked in with forearms vertical with lead hand level with shoulder and slightly advanced. Shoulders relaxed with no tension and chin tucked in.


Bounce back and forth with one foot planted at a time - staying as relaxed as possible while holding the guard position.

JAB (the straight lead hand)

From the guard position, use a rapid quarter rotation of the hip and extend the relaxed lead shoulder out as straight as possible - not flaring out the elbow – then rotate the wrist 90 degrees and at the last moment snap the hitting hand to the target. Return the lead hand back to the guard position straight after the contact.
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