One of the most important lessons to learn in order to be successful in what we do is to learn how to work in a team. To be a good team player requires effective communication with others. Social skills are useful in almost every situation, and can help people succeed in whatever career they choose.

Members of a team have to listen to their coaches or managers in order to learn how to perform their individual roles. Next they have to learn how to listen to each other in order to function as a team. The better someone is able to communicate, and the better their social skills, the happier they will be as a member of their team.

Employers also prefer employees who have these skills. Employees who work well with others are happier and more productive in their jobs. And of course, happier more productive employees do better in a company, develop greater productivity, which leads to better pay, more promotions, greater job satisfaction and deeper fulfilment and happiness.

Michael Conlan

Boxing is classed as an individual sport - it is only the fighter against his opponent in the ring. However unlike other individual sports, the boxer has time in between rounds to return to his corner for advice, take time to hydrate and receive treatment if needed. In professional world title fights there will typically be four people doing different jobs in the corner. These are usually people who the fighter knows well and have been working in a camp with him or her for many weeks preparing for the bout.

Michael Conlan is one of Ireland's most successful amateur fighters of all time and here is what the former Olympian had to say about teamwork....
“Teamwork for me in boxing is very important. You need to surround yourself with a good team. There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that the fighter should not see or not be involved in, so his team can handle it for him. Training camp is tough and lonely so it’s important to have a good team around you for moral support and to bring the fun factor to the tough work being endured which helps make it more enjoyable for everyone involved. On fight night, when tensions are high, the right team in the dressing round sets the mood, whether serious or light hearted, the fighter needs to trust the people he’s working and surrounding himself with in order to be the best he can be. There is no “I” in TEAM - we all work together to be the BEST.”



After the basic punches, stance, guard and footwork is achieved, move on to throwing 2-3 punch combinations. Practice making it realistic - and use defence and footwork in between the combinations to start implementing good practice.

Practice combination work in the mirror while shadow boxing, as well as pads and bag work, and enjoy the journey as you progress.
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