Mission Statement

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Classes and Venues

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Progression Routes

Following the completion of our 13-week course with BoxWise we are able to offer a number of different progression routes. Our coaches will put forward young people who have worked hard, shown dedication and commitment throughout their course. These people will then be given the opportunity to discuss their future plans with us so that we can work collaboratively with them, on an individual basis, helping each young person to achieve their goal.

This could be through a number of routes:

- Further education and gaining qualifications/trades
- Help with future employment opportunities
- Assisting with the delivery of BoxWise, helping to support and mentor young people within our future courses at BoxWise
- Or help in gaining an England Boxing Level 1 Coaching Qualification

Overall, our primary aim will be to help all of our young people to achieve their goals in life through maximising their opportunities for successful and fulfilling futures.
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